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Zambia – A magical destination

December 3, 2018 | Africa | No Comments

There is a lot ot love about Zambia. As a part of Africa, Zambia offers some unique travel experiences including amazing wetlands full of wildlife, beautiful African sunsets and rivers full of life. There is also the traditional experiences loved by many visitors, the Safari. Although not as popular as other safari locations within Africa, it holds it’s own with regard to animals, excitement and beauty.

One of the most impressive attractions is Victoria Falls. Victoria Falls is best seen in March and April because at this time the water falls are in full motion. The amazing scene attracts a huge amount of people looking to experience the power of nature. The waterfall will exude a power continual roar with an accompanying spray of fresh water. There will be numerous rainbows and birdlife circling.

You may want to also experience the Zambezi River above or below the waterfalls. Above the waterfalls, the river will be smooth and perfect for cruises and other water sports.  Below the waterfalls you may want to do white water canoe adventures.

Once you have seen the waterfalls, the next place that should be on your list is the old colonial capital of Zambia, Livingston. Livingston is the town closest to the water falls and is a good base camp for your trip to Victoria Falls. For great deals on hotels in Livingston, vist and use a promo code. Livingston is a good place to stay if you want to experience a crazy nightlife and eat at local restaurants.

Beyond the falls, Zambia is not as high-profile a safari destination as Kenya, Tanzania or South Africa, but it’s a favourite with those in the know. Packed with untamed wilderness and fascinating wildlife, minus the crowds, Zambia is the African bush at its most raw and romantic.

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